It's been a bit.

Yeah, so I haven't posted in a while. I do feel guilty about that since I really did want to try for once a week, at least. So here, 17 readers, take this ninja baby as my apology.

Ethan has his own version of this, although it's not nearly as entertaining.

There really isn't that much new in Nila-land. Ethan has started to roll from back to front! Holy moly, it's really scary how fast these kids grow. He is seriously the cutest baby ever, and I fall in love with him more everyday. It's hard to imagine him walking and talking, at the rate he's going it's not much longer. He has developed the sudden liking of high pitched squeals. I think it's adorable when he's not directly next to my ear.

Austine loves loves loves his new job. We are really praying they choose to keep him on beyond the probationary 3 month period. While it's been awesome to have a steady paycheck, I'm still getting used to being alone for 8+ hours. We haven't really solved the car situation yet, but it's on our priority list as soon as we're good with other major bills.

I've still been managing to lose weight despite the major loss of motivation. I worked out great for a good 3 weeks, and it actually seemed to slow my progress a little? It was very strange. I haven't worked out at all this week and I've lost 2 lbs already. I'm really dreading swimsuit season, I have to really stay on top of this to even make an appearance at the beach this year! I'm almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but you know what they say, kids change everything! I don't think I will ever fit into my old jeans :( Maybe if I lost another 30 lbs (who says I can't!).

Ash Wednesday was yesterday, and we really did mean to go get some ashes at church but it was just too hard with dinner, and other things to do. So this year we didn't. I am observing Lent this year however. Last year I figured being pregnant was enough of a sacrifice for Lent. I gave up television this year, instead of Facebook. While I really did want to give up Facebook and the internet, I couldn't bring myself to do it when I have been so socially stifled. I really do think I might go crazy if I couldn't chat with my brother and friends on AOL instant messenger. So TV it is, along with some catholic reading. I'm actually re-reading a really good book that my mother in-law gave me called Catholic Marriage and Childcare by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik. It's a really excellent book that I recommend to anyone of the faith. It is really good at reminding me what is important at the end of this all- Heaven.

Anyhow, Lent will be a little dull as usual (good), so I'm planning on stocking up on some puzzles and other things to keep me occupied besides TV and limited internet. Does anyone have any ideas?

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