My first giveaway!

So, in light of becoming a Scentsy Consultant, I thought I'd do a little giveaway! I've always planned on doing one, and I was even thinking of doing one with candles (my most favorite item in the world!). Now that I'm partial to a candle company, I must do a Scentsy Giveaway! One lucky winner will recieve this warmer, and 2 bars of Scentsy Scent (Welcome Home and Vanilla Cream).


Mmm Vanilla and Cream!

I got this scent with my starter kit and it is a fav!

Now here comes the nitty gritty. Here are ways for you to enter!

1. Comment here, on my blog, and tell me your favorite thing about the holidays.
2. Visit my Scentsy Shop and comment on this blog, telling me which warmer is your favorite.
3. RT this message on twitter: "RT @meattatersmama I just entered to win a Scentsy warmer and 2 bars of scent! Check it out:http://bit.ly/twBi6a" Comment here, telling me you have done so.
4. Like my Facebook page, and comment here telling me you have done so.
5. Follow me on Twitter, and comment here telling me you have done so.
6. Follow my blog! Comment telling me you have done so.

Don't forget to leave your email address on at least one of your entries so I can track you down if you win!

That's it! The winner will be drawn on November 11th, 2011 at 9PM PST. Good luck!

18 years and only, USA only please :D

ETA: I noticed some of the entrants have condensed their entries into one comment. I will be using random.org to pick a winner, so I would make each entry separately if I were you! Also, no multiple entries please. Thank you!

11/11/11: Our winner has been chosen via Random.Org!

Congrats Lea! Sending you an e-mail right now. Stay tuned to my FB page for some more giveaway goodness in the coming weeks!


E and I got the chance to visit the local pumpkin patch with the mom's group in the area. It was really a lot of fun and I got some great pictures. Here's my entry for wordless Wednesday.


How not to treat your nanny...

So, it's a well known fact that I have spent the majority of my life being a nanny. I really love being a caregiver, it's fun and interactive and my coworkers are kids; what's not to love about that? Things can get a little hairy, however- when the parents get involved. Most of my jobs have been with amazing families, with parents who really care about their kids and their nanny. However, I have not had that pleasure with all the families I have worked with. I wanted to list some things that you shouldn't ever do to your nanny, to help those who employ nannies and the nannies that work for them.

1: Yell at your nanny in front of your kids-  Yes, this has happened and yes it was totally embarrassing.  Yelling at your nanny in front of your kids really works the opposite you think it will. Your kids see that you don't respect your nanny very much, so why should they? Expect your kids to have a harder time listening to your caregiver while you are away after you do this.

What parents should do instead: Ask to speak to your nanny in a private place, away from your children, it's that simple.

2: Expect your nanny to perform tasks outside of her contract- Nannies listen up: if you don't have a contract, get one. I really learned this the hard way. I didn't have a contract and ended up doing WAY more than I was told I would be doing at the beginning of the job. Yes, you may need your dry-cleaning picked up, your floors scrubbed, your bathrooms cleaned. But asking your nanny to do that really just steals time from your kids. Nannies are for children, maids are for chores, and personal assistants are for your errands.

What parents should do instead: Only ask your nanny to do chores that are related to your children, like laundry or cleaning up after their dinner.

3: Not pay your nanny when you choose to take days/weeks off-  This is a big one. Most nannies rely are their income from their position to make a living- Paying their bills, car loans, rent ect with the paycheck you give them. Deciding not to pay your nanny when you go on vacation or take the day off really impacts her financially. Think of it this way- If they had the choice they would probably be working, but they don't have that option.

What parents should do instead: Offer your nanny a weeks worth of vacation time, along with paid vacation when you decide to take time off. Benefits wouldn't hurt either (but are in no way expected in my profession).

4: Expect your nanny to stay late or work extra hours with no pay- Most nannies work salary in order to insure a steady income. However, this doesn't mean you should take advantage of this! Any hours outside of the agreed weekly hours should be paid. Now this doesn't mean being 5 minutes late will cost you! 5 hours is another story...

What parents should do instead: If you are going to be late, phone ahead and let her know. Don't expect her to stay for hours on end while you wrap up at work. Be careful with this one, if you do this too many times you may end up losing her!

5: Interfere with your nanny's discipline when you're home- Nothing would irk me more than disciplining a child (i.e. taking their phone away), and then having the parent come home and reverse that discipline. By doing this, you are showing your child that your nanny isn't worth listening to.

What parents should do instead: The best way to deal with this as a parent is to make sure you and your nanny see eye-to-eye in regards to disciplining and rules. If you feel she is making a bad judgment call, let her know privately. If this continues to happen, you probably should be looking for a new nanny.


Teething vs. Terrible Twos?

Which is worse?! I don't have a two year old yet, but right now I'm willing to bet it would be teething. Okay I'm being pretty selfish, I just really want to wallow in some good ol' self pity.

There really is nothing like having a screaming 1 yr old who is only happy on you to make you want to play in the road. I didn't get anything done today, which makes me feel guilty because the house has been a real source of discord recently between A and I. Husbands don't seem to understand the work that goes into kids, therefore they will let you do the dishes 5 times a day even if you're dead on you're feet. I'm not complaining, it's just a fact of life.

As a result I am holed up in the bedroom at 7PM with a fluffy down duvet, lots of pillows, and a book. I need this like a cell needs potassium. Okay that was nerdy. I'm going to sleep now.


Check out my featured blog post at GlitzGM!

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to share my life philosophy in regards to big boobs with the world. Thanks to GlitzGM, the world now knows my cup size, and what I think about it! I thought I would like to share the post with you guys, so here it is:

Interview with Nila Duggan: More Boobie Banter 

Check it out!



I'm so excited about Scentsy!

Normally, I'm the cynical side-eyer, I will admit (yes firefox, that isn't a word). I have never really done a sell from home, host a party, get people to buy stuff off of you, kind of deal. I mean sure, what person hasn't had their fair share of overpriced fundraiser (3 dollar bags of M&Ms anyone)? That's about where my selling experience ends, besides retail and who counts that stuff anyways!

Despite my reservations I have decided to start selling Scentsy, and that's saying a lot about the product. I really did my research when I was looking for a sell-at-home program, and it was really rare to find complaints about the compay OR the product. That sold me right there.

So what is Scentsy? Scentsy sells wick-less candles, that operate off of a low-watt light bulb. This means the wax isn't burning hot (safe for daring children), and you don't have to deal with the risk of catching anything on fire. They have over 80 scents and a wide variety of beautiful designs. I've always loved candles. The fragrances always manage to stick with me through the years, suddenly I'll smell that one recognizable fragrance and I'll be having flashbacks, I love it. So I really feel like Scentsy is the right company for me. I just ordered my starter kit and should be getting it within a week, I cannot wait!

I'm really not going to try to post constantly about this on my blog, except for the few giveaways and promotions I plan on doing, so don't worry! I will not be spamming twitter or Facebook (unless you liked my business page). I will however post my selling link on my blog and here, so that you guys can buy if you wish. Believe me, you won't regret it!


Mmmmm cake!

Oh fire....

All gone! (Mommy put it out super quick!)

Mmmm sugarrrrrrr.

So yeah, he was up until 8:30. His bedtime is 7 :-P We get to repeat cake this Saturday because it's his birthday party! I'm so excited to see everyone!


Ethan is one!

I really never thought this day would come. I remember looking at all the itty bitty clothes I got for my baby shower, and proclaiming "He'll never fit into these!:". Well, he did and doesn't anymore. My little guy has gone from a cute "human slug" to a moving, walking, talking, obliterating little boy. Today, we are celebrating privately, with some cupcakes and a toy we bought him (pictures to come of course). This weekend will be a larger birthday party, with all his little friends and family. I'm really excited, but I am in shock. How did this happen?!

Gosh he has changed so much. When everyone tells you, "watch out, the first year is a blur!", they aren't kidding! He is really becoming his own person, and I am falling in love with that person more and more everyday. Pictures of his first cupcake to follow!


I love the sound of the freeway...

Yes, that is probably the strangest blog title in history, but it is totally 100% true. There is really something about being able to hear the freeway on a cold night that I can't quite put into words, but it won't stop me from trying!

It started young of course. One of my earliest memories is laying in bed, watching our Christmas lights blink outside my window, all while hearing the dull roar that is the freeway. We lived one block from it, so it really wasn't something you paid much attention to. It was however, part of the soundtrack of life: the day to day moments. For some reason, the freeway became more pronounced during the winter. I'm sure there's an explanation, but I'm not sure what it is.

So, now that I live 20 miles away and can only hear the freeway when it is cold outside (we live 5-6 blocks away instead of one), hearing it is very comforting. I am warm, snuggled up in my bed, listening the freeway breathe. It definitely has breath- the inhales of the downshifting, and the exhales of braking big rigs. It really does remind me of simpler times: being a child and not having a care in the world, waiting in bed on Christmas eve while listening for reindeer, cold wintery nights: nights warm in my bed, with my parents sleeping only rooms away.

I like to listen to the freeway not only because it reminds me of being a child; but also because it reminds me of where I came from, and where I am going. I have kids of my own! I am the adult now! Ethan is now the one sleeping a few rooms away, without a care in the world- while he silently listens to the sound of the freeway on a cold night.

I'm sure he will find it comforting too, someday.


Outfit planning with Polyvore

I love Polyvore, it really allows me to dream in ways that shopping cannot let me do! I'm going shopping to buy some jeans and some tops tonight, and I'm going to let these things be my inspirations. I really need what I buy to translate well between casual, nights out, and church. That's a really hard line to walk. Church is ultra conservative- at least knee length skirts and absolutely NO cleavage. I'm a little more liberal in my day to day wear, I still keep away from the cleavage if I can (hard with my little blessings). I've done two sets that show ideas on how I can move from casual to church and still look trendy. Check them out!

First off, are pants! I really can't wait to have more!!!