So how have things been, slacker person?

Yeah I've sucked at this blog thing recently. I think I really just need to suck it up and get A to change about my layout ect, because that's the real reason I've been avoiding this! I love expressing myself through the written word, and I'm not half bad at it!

So what's up with us?

Well it's been 8 months, since my last post. I know this because Owen is now almost 8 months old! Holy moly, how time has gone fast. It seems like yesterday I was taking my tiny little 4lb boy home, almost too scared to hold him. Now he is almost sitting on his own, shrieking his little head off, grabbing for toys, and starting solids. It's so crazy to me.

As a preemie he is a little behind, especially in the solids and sitting department but I really don't think this little guy has much to worry about. He is so determined and SO STRONG, I doubt much will slow him down.

Ethan is such a great brother, I couldn't have asked for a better helper. He is very sweet to Owen and has only *only* hit him 2 times since he came home! I'm sure there are many more scuffles to ensue as Owen gets older and more mobile. Ethan is very protective of Owen and will tell people "NO, my OWIE" when they get to close or he doesn't like them.

Ethan is on his way to potty training, it really is the hardest part of motherhood so far. He really cornered me into training him as he started to refuse to wear or take of his (poopy) diaper. Disgusting, this happened one too many times before I decided to train, and then it took much much longer to train him completely. Even then, he isn't 100% with pee - but he's a little guy and I try to be understanding and reinforce what he's learned when he has an accident.

That's all the time I have for now, but I will definitely be back!

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