2 days late!

Well, we all know babies come when they want to...but I am now overdue by two days. I remember reading about mom's who would try all the old wives tales in order to get labor started and thinking, "Wow, I'll never be that crazy!".

Well hello kettle!

I want this kid out, and I want him out now! I've tried pumping, a membrane sweep, and primrose oil.

The pumping wasn't so bad, I have a Medela Swing pump, and it's really not uncomfortable to me at all. I actually managed to get around 4 oz out between both breasts, which I guess is a lot! It did trigger some strong contractions....but didn't necessarily "start" labor. I'm not sure I'll keep trying, as it seems like it's not really helping. It is nice to know I have a decent milk supply already (even if it is only colostrum).

The membrane sweep was done by the doc, and was pretty painful. I am only 1.5 cm dilated, and when I requested the sweep he was hesitant because he said it would hurt. Well, no pain no gain! He actually felt really bad about it, which is ironic because I requested it. If birth is worse than having my membranes swept, then God help me.

I bought 1000mg of Evening Primrose Oil, and you have to insert it vaginally. It is supposed to soften the cervix and ready it for dilation. I have NO IDEA if this is working, but I'm still inserting it every night in hope that it's helping. I'm also taking it orally twice a day.

Long walks have been suggested (being doing that), along with castor oil. I don't think I'm desperate enough for castor oil yet! Not sure what other crazy things I am willing to try, railroad tracks have been mentioned...which was weird enough. Hopefully something will work. I may just be pregnant forever!

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