Unsung Heroes

I don't think I ever truly appreciated my mother until I became one myself. Mothers sacrifice everything for the sake of their child! Looking back, I was probably more than a "little" shit. My mother probably had to deal with so much stress on my behalf...I was trouble in school, at home, I just couldn't focus and be the good school kid everyone wanted me to be. My mother was patient in a situation not many people would be patient in.

Now that I'm a mom, I completely understand this idea of sacrifice. There is no "me" time anymore, just "his" time. It doesn't matter that I had the kitchen halfway mopped when he starts crying, everything must be dropped. What I find funny is that I do it gladly and willingly. I was really scared while I was pregnant, that I wouldn't love my child because of the inconvenience it would cause. Now that he is here, it's obvious that my fears were based on nothing. I love this kid to death, and even when I am sitting there crying with him out of frustration, I would sacrifice anything to make him happy.

I don't think anyone can really understand the meaning of that until they have a kid themselves. You can read all the first year books you want, nothing truly prepares you for the real thing. It's not bad at all, so don't believe all those people who paint motherhood in such a negative light. So far it's been really rewarding: sleepless, but rewarding.

My hat goes off to my mother, and mothers everywhere....now I understand.

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