Happy New Year!

Well, I haven't blogged in a few months. Life is fast and crazy with a 3 month old! It really is insane how fast children grow. One night he was wearing his 0-3 pajamas, the next morning they didn't fit! He is now 12 lbs and 23 and 3/4 inches (as of the last checkup). His is getting so chubby and cute!

Here are a few photos:

Since it is the New Year, I'd like to put the few goals I have out there for all to see.

Lose Weight
So yes, this is a pretty typical New Years resolution. I gained about 40 pounds (I will be honest, I was 222 when I delivered Ethan). I am now 196.5. This is (obviously) not my ideal weight, or even the weight I was at when I got pregnant. I've always been on the "soft" side, I don't think I've ever not had fat on me. As a child, I was super skinny. When I hit puberty I ballooned up (thank you hormones). I would love to feel healthy. To me, this is really around 155-160.  That's 35-40 lbs that I want to lose. While I have to be honest and say that I probably will not lose it all by next year, I would at least like to weight less than I do now next New Years.

I have a few ways I'm planning on losing the weight. Weight Watchers helped me before I got married, and now I'm turning to them again to lose the weight. I also am planning on joining 24 Hour Fitness when Ethan is 6 months old. This is the age that they accept for the daycare there. Hopefully you all can witness me become a new person. As long as I don't give up, it'll happen eventually, right?

Write here at least once a week
I love writing and even though I may not be that great at it, it's always made me feel a lot better to write down my thoughts and emotions as they run through me. I have a great journal I wrote in my HS years, and I love to look back at it and see how much I've changed. This blog will ideally become a log of how my  family and I have changed over the years.

Get A a job
 I think we've always had this goal, but now more than ever it is important. Right now A and I are in a funk, he has no work with his dad, and of course I am not working anymore. We really need something that brings in at least 15/hr. Recently he got a job offer for 11/hr, but it wouldn't have provided for us...he makes more with his dad. It felt really selfish to turn down a job after we've been hunting for so long, but we had to stay realistic. I'm really hoping we see some upturn in the economy this year.

Pray and attend church
I'll be the first to admit we haven't been as great as we should be at this. For me, it's easy to forget my prayers when I get sucked up into this material world of ours. Church has always been hard for me to go to because I really am not a morning person at all. I feel extremely guilty about this. This year, I want to try and get into a routine, remember to say my prayers everyday, and only miss church if I am sick. 

So there we go: Health, Money, Heart and Soul. A goal for each facet of my life. I'm really looking forward to this year, I bet it is going to be 100x better than 2010!


Rachael said...

Congratulations on the new blog! I loved reading this (you aren't giving your writing skills enough credit), and you're really inspiring me to get back into writing my own blog. I truly hope that 2011 will be much better for all of you. Good luck in this new year! :-)

NillaWafers said...

Thanks Rachael! Yes, it has been a hard year for us, but I'm keeping faith that this year will be much better! I can't wait to read you blog again....hurry up and write!