Wow! and New Years Resolutions.

Ok, I suck. I admit it. I really haven't been writing at all, and I have been feeling tons of guilt about it. Not because I feel like I have a reader base I'm disappointing (obviously, look at my followers haha), but because I feel like I've been cheating myself. I like having my little blog that I can look back on and go, wow! it was really like that! So, since it's the beginning of the year I am reinstating my resolution to write at least once a week. I think I actually did a really good job last year, I definitely wrote more than I did the year before- so I consider it a success.

Looking back on that post, there were a few things I didn't do well with. Mostly weight, but I think everyone struggles with that! It is so easy to be motivated and really driven in the beginning, isn't it? Then it really just begins to be a bore. I'm lazy, I'll admit it. I would rather spend an hour on the couch than 15 minutes running. It needs to be done though, so I am constantly having an internal struggle with myself. I can do nothing but try again this year. I try not to put so much faith in myself when I manage to fail at this all the time! I do not want to be the "fat mom" at the playgroup, but it seems to be happening anyways. I will try, that is my new years resolution.

I wasn't exactly on track with prayers, or remembering to pray. That's another thing I KNOW I need to do, but it is really easy to get caught up in life and forget about it. I've downloaded a few things on the iPhone that have helped me remember at least, so I think I am actually seeing an improvement in that.

I have a few business goals too, since I've started my direct sale business with Scentsy. Mainly, I want to recruit three people this year! It is a small number compared to some of the other people who are big with Scentsy, but I am a small time gal. I have to really think about how Scentsy has blessed Austine and me; the extra money has really been a lifesaver and it is awesome to be able to stay home with Ethan. So, I have to keep thinking I am sharing a blessing with others, and not a burden.

That's it! I will be posting about this again in another year! I'm glad I've made some improvements, and it is nice to see that. It is nice to be in a state where you seek constant improvement...and I feel good that I have made some. Yay!

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