What does a cute hat look like?

He wouldn't keep it on (hence the bad photo) but it is seriously the cutest hat I have ever put on his head. I got it from my friend Allie, who crochet'd it herself! We had a really fun time hanging out with her and her son will yesterday:

Yes that is Twilight on in the background, total baby material!

Ethan hasn't quite learned to share yet, he kept picking up this toy and walking away with it, so Will couldn't have it.

Allie has so many cute hats for sale on her Etsy shop, you should all check it out! I certainly have a soft spot for moms who have their own businesses, I like knowing that my money is going towards a family who needs it, and not a huge company.


Allie said...

Those pics are so cute! We had fun hanging out too! And yes I know Twilight isn't exactly "kid/baby" friendly but oh well. :-) The first one is better than the other ones! hehe.

Allie said...

Oh and thank you so much for promoting my business! :-) <3