Life as a 1 year old

If you are one year old (and Ethan)-

All things with four legs and a tail is a "doggeee", you should follow it around and woof at it, even if it's a cat.

Music is for dancing- make sure to shake your butt and wave your hands around a lot.

Anything that is out of your reach must be amazing, and YOU NEED IT NOW.

Anything that is soft and on the floor is subject to a head dive.

Climbing on chairs is awesome, getting down? Not so much.

If it's a string, belt, earphones, wires, anything bendable and long- it goes around your neck.

Anything that is in the general shape of a rectangle is a phone.

Keyboards are for smashing.

Ash from the fireplace is delicious.

Rugs are for dragging around, and flipping over...right in front of a doorway.

Coffee mugs are fun to carry around- the fuller the better.

The word NO just means you should try again in a few minutes.

Eyes are there to be poked. The same goes for nose, mouth, ears, and belly button.

Naps are for babies.

If you shake the baby gate enough, it just *might* open.

Day old food found in the couch is fair game.

End of the world constitutes- having to wait for food, someone leaving the room, getting left behind the baby gate, falling off the couch....

Highchairs are meant for standing in, not eating.

If you cry long enough at naptime/bedtime- someone will come get you! This means you can play more- and by playing you really mean walking around in circles and whining.

That bark stuff at playgrounds? Delicious!

Dogs are awesome until they bark at you. Then they really suck.

Edible leaf?!


My Holland Hugs said...

Lol you just know I'm going to have to write something like this about my 2 year old ;-)

Kara5109 said...

Omg. That's just about right! lol.