Why being a mom makes you a social pariah...

It's been a while, but it's time I get back on track! I've been wanting to write about this for a while, because it is definitely something I have been dealing with (and with no-one in particular, just in general). I've really noticed that while being a mom is the greatest gig in the world, it really does put a damper on your social life (who KNEW?!). There are several reasons why you may feel that your close friends are moving in the former friends category, and believe me, I totally relate.

  •  They don't relate to you anymore- This is especially true for the party on the weekend types. I feel like a lot of friends just don't want to go out with me because they think I'm a wet blanket. Well, in the sense that I want to be home by 11, I worry about my kid constantly, and Ethan is the main subject of every conversation. While I know I should tone this down, it really is part of being a mom, which moms GET!
  • They think you never have time-  Ok people, lets get this straight. We have kids but that doesn't necessarily mean that 100% of our time is taken up by changing poopy diapers. This actually makes me really mad. Ask me if I want to go out, if I can plan it, I will! Don't just assume that I can't do it, so you don't invite. It really makes me feel like a piece of shiz. 
  • It takes too much effort to plan- A lot of friends are the "fly by the seat of your pants" friends, or so I've noticed. If they can't call you and make last minute plans, they aren't at all. I even have some friends who refuse to make plans ahead of time, forcing me to try and plan last minute- which is not easy with a kid. 

Truth be told, when it comes to me- I am just in a different category than all my former friends. I am married, they are dating around. I have a kid, they have a dog? I can barely stay up until 12, they stay up till 3 or 4 every weekend! I hope that eventually they will catch up to me, get married and have children. But for now, I have to be patient and bear it. At least I have some wonderful mommy friends, even if the depth of the relationship isn't near what I would like it to be. I would love to meet some more friends who are my age and are at the same stage in life as me. Unfortunately it seems that 27 is too young to have a kid anymore! Who knew?! *sigh*

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