Ethan's First Birthday Pictures

So Ethan's birthday came and went, and it was quite the blur! It has been more than 2 weeks now, and I still can't believe I have a one year old!

I love how parks find the most grabable, delectable, substrate known to man. Here is a picture of him about to ingest some!

Mmmmm delicious substrate!

This is the funniest, most serious face I've ever seen him make!

Can't catch me!

This picture is perfect!

Ethan and Grandma D.


Ethan and cousin Jackson. They are 3 months apart!

Why does Jackson get all the fun?!

Jackson is almost walking, soon they will be terrorizing the park together.

My mom would have yelled at me for doing this, haha. So I let him.

I want to be just like you when I growed up Patrick!

Smiley Jackson!

Jackson loves the swings, Ethan has yet to make up his mind.

There's a smile!

There's a frown!

Shanee got the cake made by her friend at Le Courdon Bleu. Although I was holding it on the way there, it managed to slip on the round and squish the FRONT. :'(

She made puppy pops, which I managed to break while putting them in the Styrofoam. I'm pretty sure I ruined Ethan's birthday.

Puppy Chow, the most easy, delicious, party mix ever,

Cute little puppy cupcakes! They turned out great.

They were red velvet and delicious!

Miles the Moose.
Great great Aunt Loranne, Great Aunt Diana, Great Grandma Caputo, Great Aunt Deena.

Rachael, Mady, Jillian, Ian, Me, Uncle Andrew, Gramma Ferguson, and Laurie.

Brendon being....Brendon.

When I see this picture I think of a dog, in car, ears flapping back in the wind. Don't ask.

The turnout.

Mikey is a special agent.
 All in all, we had a really great time. Ethan got some wonderful presents, and we are thankful to each and every one of our guests who gave him something! He loves everything he got!


Jillian said...

Had such a nice time. Perfect day, and Ethan looked so happy and cutified! Yes, it's a word.

Superadsuz said...

Super cute photos!!!! you did great throwing him an awesome bday party. Btw stealing brendon being brendon for his new picture twitter account that hes not gonna know he has....

Superadsuz said...

and at the pic of him with the dog sticking his head out of the window hear flapping..... he does that all the time

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Ethan is so cute!! Love the party theme, adorable.

Nila said...

Thanks Alison! I wish I had more money to go more into the puppy theme, but it turned out great as it was!

Allie said...

Those are such cute pictures!! I wish Will would walk already... He will while holding onto the couch but gets mad when I try to hold his hand to do it.... LOL