Hilarious things Ethan thinks about while eating

I am totally stealing this from a group of mine on facebook, but it really is too hilarious to not post. Here are some things we have decided babies must think whilst eating:

While eating macaroni:
"I want more macaroni!"
"How DARE you move the macaroni I already have into a pile!?"
"Ooo, macaroni."
 "Get this macaroni away from me NOW!"
"ooooh, I bet I can use macaroni as conditioner"  
"One for me, one for the dog, one for me, one for the dog--" 
‎"If I hide this macaroni under my leg, she won't see it, then when she takes my tray away, I have a snack!" 

‎"Uh oh! Macaroni fell out of my hand onto the floor. Accidentally, of course."

‎::throws macaroni emphatically on the ground:: "UH-OH!"

"You eat this, Mommy. NO! It's mine."

 "Let me chew it for a bit and then spit it out into my hand to look at and put it back in my mouth for consumption."  

"No, mom. I'm pretty sure the floor is hungry. NoDon'tPickThat----uhhhh. Sorry, floor. I got your back, buddy. Here's more."

"Don't wipe my face. Never wipe my face!"

"Bring me my sippy cup, woman!" **gulp gulp gulp ** "I tire of this sippy cup!" **throws forcefully to the floor** "Now, give it back to me!"

So true!    

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