Bald Spots

So I knew that after pregnancy, you lost a lot of hair. While pregnant, the hormones cause your hair follicles to hold on to hair that would normally be shed. This results in a glorious head of hair....until those hormones go away. This past month I have been losing clumps and clumps of hair. There is hair coating our floors, our rugs, our couch, and yes, our kid. It doesn't quite help that Ethan loves to use my hair as a convenient handle when in my arms.

So I knew this would happen. I didn't expect there to be two huge bald spots on the front of my head!

Can you see it?

There's another one on the other side too! WTH?! I hope it grows back, I hope it grows back.

I really don't see any high ponytails in my future :(

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