The New Job

Sounds absolutely amazing. Austy started officially yesterday. He has three months probation until they decide to hire him full time (fingers are crossed). Meanwhile, I get to hear how awesome this job is. First off, I guess they have a gym and a nutritionist there for all the employees. How cool is that? This company almost sounds like one of those awesome places that totally takes care of their employees. Austine doesn't think he'll use the gym because he still has a membership to 24 hour fitness that he uses. They also have causal Tuesdays the first 3 Tuesdays of the month, where he can wear nice jeans and a polo.

Today, he got lunch for free, Taco Tuesday! I wish I could work there! I can't help but wonder what the benefits will be like if/when he gets hired on officially. We are going to keep saying our prayers...

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~Rachael~ said...

It sounds like a wonderful job. Good luck to all of you!