Busy day

Austine doesn't have to work until Friday, so I'm enjoying the time with him. My blues seems to stem from being alone (duh), and I wasn't used to that being that Austine's job painting houses had him home by two every afternoon.

Anyhow, today we got me a sports bra at Creative Woman....which is like the best place for lingerie in the area ever. I finally got my AT&T rewards card (from like 4 months ago, bastards), so I used that. I'm really excited to start working out again! I've been doing pretty well weight loss wise, so I'm hoping this will jumpstart it even more.

Then we were going to go to Target, but on the way there we decided Austine needed a haircut more, so we went to his uncle's salon. Austine got his hair cut, and then we went to the pediatricians. I really don't like our pediatricians office. The receptionist calls me mom (I have a name. Even Miss or Ma'm would be better), and runs the place like a army outpost. Every time we go there is a new nurse. Hopefully Austine will get this job, and I'll be able to choose my own pediatrician that I like.

Ethan is now 25 and 1/4 inches tall, 13.12 oz and his head is 42cm around. I can't believe how much he is growing. Today he just started blowing raspberries and wouldn't stop. He now reaches and grabs for objects, and can even sit unsupported for a few seconds. His 3-6 pajamas almost don't fit, he's wearing 6-9 in some! I love watching him grow, but sometimes I wish he would just stay the way he is so I can remember it forever.

Tomorrow we are going grocery shopping, getting gas, then Target to return a shirt with ink on it (thanks jerk who probably returned it), and then we're depositing the rest of the money into our checking account which is so horribly overdrafted I don't even want to know how much we owe them. We are paying it off by this Friday, it has been really hard to catch up with Austine not getting paid for two weeks...everyone is calling us wanting money. Fortunately, we are setting up direct deposit and once it's in the green, we are going to pay everyone and the harassment will stop.

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Jillian said...

How come I never saw this post????
The harassing is the worst - its like "we know we owe you money - since you called us the last 7 days in a row - how bout you take a day off???"