My new project!

It's been pretty widespread knowledge around here that A and I are dirt broke. When we first moved into our house, it was really barebones minimum. We had a couch (free) and a TV in our living room, that was it. Somehow we have managed to slowly improve our living conditions from additions here and there. I am always on the lookout for a great deal; I feel even if we were well off we wouldn't spend huge amounts on the furniture we need.

So while the living room is pretty comfortable, the dining room has bee horribly neglected. I have a vision for this room, but I just haven't been able to play it out completely. Here are a few photos to show you it's sad state.

Lonely black sconces

Tan curtains that really fit into my scheme.

Unframed picture that A's great grandma painted.

For a long time in the beggining of our marriage, the dining room had no table, we were eating off of plywood. Then A's cousin's girlfriend's sister gave us a small apartment sized table. It was great to have a table finally, but it was really tiny. We like to have company over, and it was near impossible to eat at this table without bumping elbows. Then my parents gave us one of those long card tables for Christmas, because we had nowhere to put anyone for Thanksgiving (which I did for the first time, with a 2 month old - but that's another story). So we eventually sold the small table and started to use the card table- it was ugly but way bigger!

Yesterday I found the table that was meant to be in the dining room. We were going home from church and I spied it on the other side of the street, I made A turn around (thank gosh!). Here is what I saw…

It's not the ideal color, and it's pretty scratched up. The detail on it is awesome though.

I originally was going to paint it black, as that was my original plan for the room. But now that it's in the house, I can see that doing that would ruin it. It would be a terrible shame to cover that grain up. Instead I am going to strip and sand it, and stain it a dark walnut. I may reupholster the seats, it depends on the finished product.

The best part? I only paid 80 bucks for everything! After buying stain, sandpaper, and varnish (I'm planning on a matte finish) I'll have only paid about 150 bucks total for a beautiful table.

I'm kinda patting myself on the back right now. Stay tuned for the finished product!

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~Rachael~ said...

Awesome deal! I agree; the detail on that set is beautiful and will go nicely with the framing around your doors and windows. I cringed a little when you said you were going to paint it black. I think staining it is a much better idea. The brown in the dark stain will bring some warmth to that blue room and harmonize the curtains better. Congratulations!

Jillian said...

Man I love a great deal - this tickles me PINK! Seriously - I can wait to see it! And you will love it so much more after you put all that hard work into it. <3 Well done my deal finding friend. well done.