I know it's been a while...

So yes. I've been horribly absent from the blogosphere for quite a while. To be honest, things have gotten really busy these past few months!

Ethan is now 9 months old, eating solids like a pro, pulling up, and crawling everywhere! I know there isn't much time until he is walking. We have semi-child proofed, but we still have a ways to go.

We have good news! The company A has been working for has finally (after 6 long months of probation) decided to hire him on full-time. It's been a long, 2 year, road to this point. We can now finally start focusing on paying off our credit cards and starting to save - at long last! We also will be enjoying full benefits, especially after not having any insurance for 6 years!

Weight wise I've maintained but not gained. Dissapointing but true. I am trying now to lose more of the weight with www.myfitnesspal.com. It really is one of the best nutrition and exercise trackers out there - even over sparkpeople. They have apps for the android and iPhone that are pretty amazing and effective.

Speaking of iPhones, I have joined the cult! I really do love this phones, and I feel like the apps you can get greatly improve the way I live my life. I'm going to post soon on some of my favorite iPhone apps geared toasted moms, trust me you will love them!

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