Today I had Kristen and Suz come over. We originally intended to watch a ton of Sons of Anarchy episodes, great show by the way. Instead we had an impromptu scrabookinf sesh. I really wish I had taken a picture of Suz's page, it was totally cute and way beyond my level of experience. I totally stick with simple mats and stickers. Suz has a Cricut, which I am totally lusting over now. I made this cute little mouse with it:

Now I totally want one (yeah right). They seem pretty handy with a ton of cool uses. I've started working on my Bridal Shower scrapbook (so long ago already!) and once that's done I'll move on to my Wedding and then finally Ethan's baby book. I bought one of the books you write in and paste pictures in, but I really want to get creative with his.

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