6 month update

Yes, it's true! Ethan is 6 months old! How this is possible is completely unknown to me, it seems he grows overnight. It feels like just yesterday that he was so tiny, and now he's becoming such a little man.

We had his 6 month appointment today. That was...challenging. I arrived on time, but ended up being seen 2 hours later! As you can imagine, it wasn't a very pleasant 2 hours, as Ethan ended up being very very tired, wanting to nap, was hungry but wouldn't eat. It seemed that as soon as he fell asleep in my arms, the nurse came in to take his weight and height. This happened of course after I was put in the room, and made to wait 40 minutes, with Ethan in his diaper per their instructions. I was very frustrated in the end, and I'm just a tired mess today as a result.

But onto the good news: Ethan is 15.8 lbs, and 27 inches tall! He's such a little string bean. He handled his shots very well, and quit crying only a few minutes after they gave them to him. In the waiting room it was so cute to him excited to talk and make faces at another baby. They were both jumping up and down and staring at each other, while grinning and cooing! I promise you, it was the most adorable ting I've seen yet.

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