is the amount of my body weight I've lost in the 10 weeks since I started weight watchers again. I'm about 12 pounds lighter now and it feels wonderful! Losing weight is great, but it's even better to see the effects on my life and my body.

My engagement ring now fits again! Yay!

My knees no longer hurt when I get off a low chair or couch.

I don't have to wear my skirts around my ribcage anymore.

I think I need a lower band size on my bra!

All in all, I'm not quitting until I see more results. I still have some pre-pregnancy pants that don't fit yet. I set my new goal weight at 10% loss, that's about where I was before I got pregnant. I have all intentions of continuing the weight loss once I hit that goal. For those of you who are thinking of trying to lose weight, I really recommend Weight Watchers, the new points plus system has been working marvelously for me!

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