Being a mom has opened my eyes

Two nights ago, someone on the message boards I frequent lost her son. He choked on his own phlegm, and couldn't be revived for an hour. This really hits home for me, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about this poor mom and her little boy. I had no idea that in becoming a mother, you really open yourself  up and become vulnerable. If I lost Ethan I know I would be a wreck. Life is so precious and I really didn't know that before I became a mom.

It really makes me think of my own mother and the trials she had to go through before she had me. My mother had a stillborn boy 3 years before I was born. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for her. As a child, I never felt there was something missing but I know now that she must have been painfully aware of his absence. Like I said earlier, becoming a mom has only made me more appreciative of my own mother and other mothers out there.

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Keri said...

I also think about this mother and little boy as well. I cried the other night reading her blog and just thinking, this could have been me. I was reading her blog before he passed and she was so easy going about his cold and didn't even see it coming. What a tragic loss to a beautiful little life.

So sorry to hear about your mothers loss as well. Becoming a mother does make you think twice about things and how precious life is.