My feet are having a love affair

For Christmas, my wonderful husband showered me with gifts of all kinds, but my absolute favorite gift was a pair of Target Uggs knockoffs. I wore them straight for a week and three days (yes those extra days matter!), and suddenly they began to fall apart at the seams. I went through several days of withdrawals (mainly cold feet) until we finally got to Target to return them. This is where I discovered Muk-Luks.

Muk-Luks are like a fusion of a very warm scarf, durable shoes, and a fluffy warm animal. I have to say I'm in love with these much much more than I was in love with my Fuggs, and I was head over heels for those things. They are incredibly warm and comfortable, I don't think I could have done better if I had gotten real Uggs anyways. Besides, the 19.99 price tag was amazing.

P.S. You can buy my exact pair here or find them everywhere online.

Look, my feet are smiling!

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