Some random pictures

I know, I know. Two posts in one day is totally ridiculous. However, I have some really cute pictures to share and I couldn't wait! These are some pictures I took on my phone that haven't seen the light of day until now.

Proof that Austine was probably as tired as I was
Looking at this, it's hard to believe he was even that small!

Sleepy little boy.

Awww, those pajamas don't fit anymore :(

Been able to do this since day 1!

Hanging out on our couch

Austine, with Ethan and Edie (the girl I used to watch when I was a nanny).

Edie checking out Ethan, when I first met her she was as big as Ethan was!

Seriously funny faces.

Edie checking out my scarf.

Mr. Lion and Mr. Paci

Wearing the shirt Ava gave him!


New favorite pastime- chewing on burp rags!

Very interested!

Passed out!

Mr. Bear...he just started holding him and chewing on him.

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