Job frustrations....a general rant

So yesterday, Austine and I went to his uncles to celebrate his cousins birthday. On the way there we received a call from his friend, who had just gotten wind of the job Austine was offered about 2-3 weeks ago.

The job had no room for growth, and we would have been taking a 500 dollar cut in pay from what Austine is currently making with his dad doing construction and painting. While Austine really does want to be a graphic designer, he had to make the difficult choice between doing what he wants to do in the long run, and providing for our family.

So his friend was apparently very upset, and kept telling him he wasn't going to help him out anymore, and that Austine was going to be stuck in construction forever. I was getting really mad, and just wanted to punch him in the face. I even grabbed the phone from Austine and said so.

I don't get how some people think they can make judgments on the decisions others make in their lives. We did what was best for us. If Austine had been single with no kid, it would have been an easy decision. But, we have this house over our heads, we need to put food on the table for ourselves and Ethan. Now that we've had this discussion with this friend, I keep second guessing our decision. Not that it would change anything but it was steady. I just have no idea how we would have cut 500 in expenses out of our budget.

*sigh* Everyone has an opinion about something don't they?

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Lukes Life said...

Everyone seems to these days! I hope it all works out for the best! DH is looking for a job now. & on a side note I gotta stop coming to your page because now I want steak and mashed tators..its 5 am!