Public Service Announcement: Swag Bucks

For those of you who have not joined the swag bucks revolution, I have decided to do a easy to understand breakdown of the site and all it has to offer.

SwagBucks is a 100% free site that allows you to earn "swagbucks" to spend in their gift shop. They have tons of cool stuff in said gift shop, but the item I normally get is the 5 dollar Amazon Gift Card. You can earn swagbucks several different ways:

  • Participate in the daily poll to earn 1 SB
  • Check out their "trusted surveys" link for 1 SB
  • Install the Swagbucks toolbar. I think you get points for installing it, and 1 point for everyday you refresh it.
  • Search using the Swagbucks site, or toolbar. This is the most important one, as you can get several points for one search. You can win several times a day, but it's rare to win more than twice a day. 
You can also watch videos for SBs (but you have to watch 10 to earn 3 points), fill out surveys for major bucks, or actually buy from any of their sponsors. Surprisingly I've found some items I actually want. The livingsocial and groupon deals are especially nice.

A few tips: don't fill out your address on anything that you don't want to get in the mail. Especially for the No Obligation Special Offers, they will send you junk mail. If you don't mind it, go for it. I personally hate having to throw tons of mail out every day.

Anyhow, if you've decided you want to try it out visit www.swagbucks.com, and make sure to let them know that NillaWafers03 referred you!

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