Giving up television...not all that it's cracked up to be

I mentioned a while back in this post that I was giving up television for Lent. While I understand that giving up something for lent isn't meant to be easy (don't get me started on people who give up food or soda or something super easy), I didn't have any idea it would be this hard! Before I got married (and I suspect became a Mom), I never ever watched television. I was mostly browsing the internet or out and about somewhere. Somewhere in between becoming Austine's wife, and Ethan's mom, I became a "watcher of the television". Maybe even an avid watcher.

I have favorite TV shows now, that I actually miss if I don't get to see them ( I'm confused by this too). This year, I watched the Bachelor for the first time since my mother and I sat down with it over ten, maybe even 12, years ago! I am crazy about Bones, who wouldn't like a scientist with a logical sense of humor. Being Human is really flipping entertaining, and while Ghost Hunters isn't the highest form of scientific investigation being done, it certainly is one of the most entertaining. Last but not least, I miss watching Teen Mom 2 and the train wreck I just can't peel my eyes away from.

Obviously, if I'm pining after TV shows, I should be cutting down on them anyway. Part of me argues that since I'm home alone with the equivalent of a small (yet very cute) monkey, I miss human interaction and just want to see it on a daily basis. The other part of me just wants to admit I'm addicted.

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Michael Greyland said...

It's all about House, CSI, and Bones. I have immense hatred for the TV because I can't ignore it and that makes it frickin' impossible to get anything done if it's on.