Swaddling: The Nightmare

Ethan has always been swaddled, and he has always really enjoyed it. However, there are times where I convince myself that he doesn't want or need it, and I will go through a phase of trying to wean him of it. I normally give up within 6 hours, because I just feel so exasperated!

The only real reason we swaddle Ethan is because he cannot seem to keep his hands away from the binky without it. If there was a way to keep him from yanking it out every bloody second, I'm sure he could sleep without it. I tried today for probably the 5th or 6th time to get him to sleep without it. I managed to get him to fall asleep, but as soon as he hit the mattress he was wiggling everywhere. I decided to ferber him a bit and let him cry. He cried for an hour before needing to be fed. There wasn't even a lull in the crying, it was just straight crying while I came in every 5 minutes to put his bink back in his mouth, trying to sooth him to sleep.

Trying to swaddle him one arm out doesn't work either because he will just remove the binky on his first chance. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like the tight feeling, but there is no other way of controlling his "Doc Oc" arms (as Austine's Uncle likes to say). The only real reason I have to unswaddle him is because he has rolled over in it a couple of times, but he always has woken up and cried out when that happened.

Is there any chance I'm wrong about trying to break him of it? Will his arms eventually calm down and allow for (peaceful) binky-included sleep? I can't help and just feel frustrated and desperate every time I attempt this unsuccessfully. HELP.

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