Wow, is it April already?

Holy crap, time is really really flying! It is almost 6 months ago that I first saw my little guy, and it is such a contrast to look at him now! I see newborn clothes in the shops, and think about how he couldn't have possibly been that little! In fact, newborn clothes were large on the skinny string bean when he was born.

He is now sitting up pretty well, but still needs support on his sides. He's really got the front and back covered though. He rolls like a pro and loves to babble to us. I can't believe how scared and upset I was when I found out I was pregnant, I really cannot imagine life without him now!

In other news; I get to test drive a GMC Terrain the week of the 18th, for five whole days! I am really excited since I haven't had a car in so long. While I finally did manage to pay off my car's registration with our tax return, it will be cool to have a "mom" car for a whole week. I will definitely be writing about it on the blog so stay tuned!

While on the subject of tax money (which was amazing to get for the first time after owing last year), I have to say that Austine and I finally caved a bought a Kinect. We first played the Kinect about a month ago, and I totally fell in love. There really isn't anything out there like it right now, and it's nothing like the Wii in my opinion. Austine and I played for only 30-40 minutes total today and I totally am feeling it. I'm badly out of shape anyways, but I can see us playing this a lot. It is nice to get active and have fun.

So, stayed tuned for more news on the Kinect, and the GMC Terrain. I keep feeling guilty about not updating my blog enough so I'm going to really try to do it 3 times at least a week. Maybe if I could do that I could actually have a reader base. That would be amazing. I would like to think that I write well enough to attract something of the sort, not to mention the extra money from the ads would be great (not that it's my primary goal). I always have liked the idea of just having a huge sounding board for my opinions and goals. I know my life isn't really interesting at all. I am a stay at home mom with no car after all.

Gonna do some brainstorming for blog topics, that should help the slump I'm in!


Lisa Gaydos said...

Haha, I read your blog just now and I am in the same boat you are. I miss my TV shows too. Its all about sesame street now, I don't mind but I can't wait for Dexter and Mad Men to come back.
We just bought a Honda Odyssey -van to accommodate the baby equipment (i.e stroller and whatnot's). ITs been a life saver getting Logan in and out with ease.

I too miss social interaction, so I try to get out and take a walk to the market or the mall so he can meet people too. Its tough being a mom much less a stay at home one.

NillaWafers said...

I wish we could afford a "mom" car, but it's not in our budget right now. Once I get my car back we should set up some "play" dates (because I'm not sure how much playing will be going on). I need some more mom friends!