Menu Monday! 10/3/11

Mmm, I have some good things planned this week, mostly because it is due to rain tomorrow and Wednesday. I am so, incredibly excited. I really love the rain, and the cold. I'm hoping it'll last a while.

Monday- Tonight we had a delicious round eye steak stir fried with veggies and brown rice.
Tuesday- Pot Roast- in our crockpot. It's super easy. Add some beef broth, and veggies. 6 hours later...delish.
Wednesday- Split Pea Soup with Grilled Cheese Sammiches. My favorite dish of the season!
Thursday- Yet again we are having Roast Chicken. It just lasts so long it's really crazy!
Friday- Homemade Macaroni and Cheese with Spinach. It's delish.
Saturday- Chicken seasons with Adobo and Sazon flavoring, with homemade pinto beans and corn.
Sunday- Chicken Soup from scratch. I will be saving the white meat for another meal later on. I just use the bones and the dark meat for soup, but it still tastes excellent! Homemade biscuits are also planned.

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