Outfit planning with Polyvore

I love Polyvore, it really allows me to dream in ways that shopping cannot let me do! I'm going shopping to buy some jeans and some tops tonight, and I'm going to let these things be my inspirations. I really need what I buy to translate well between casual, nights out, and church. That's a really hard line to walk. Church is ultra conservative- at least knee length skirts and absolutely NO cleavage. I'm a little more liberal in my day to day wear, I still keep away from the cleavage if I can (hard with my little blessings). I've done two sets that show ideas on how I can move from casual to church and still look trendy. Check them out!

First off, are pants! I really can't wait to have more!!!


Jillian@GLITZgm said...

Love this! Can't wait to go on our shopping spree!

~Rachael~ said...

Looks good! Can't wait to see you in your new duds. :-)