Ethan is one!

I really never thought this day would come. I remember looking at all the itty bitty clothes I got for my baby shower, and proclaiming "He'll never fit into these!:". Well, he did and doesn't anymore. My little guy has gone from a cute "human slug" to a moving, walking, talking, obliterating little boy. Today, we are celebrating privately, with some cupcakes and a toy we bought him (pictures to come of course). This weekend will be a larger birthday party, with all his little friends and family. I'm really excited, but I am in shock. How did this happen?!

Gosh he has changed so much. When everyone tells you, "watch out, the first year is a blur!", they aren't kidding! He is really becoming his own person, and I am falling in love with that person more and more everyday. Pictures of his first cupcake to follow!

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