5 Reasons why losing your sense of smell rocks

I have viral ansomnia at the moment. About a month ago now, a friend and I both got really sick; her more-so than I. After we both recovered completely, we realized we had lost our sense of smell (and in relation, taste). It actually really sucks, especially since it's fall and full of smells I absolutely love- cinnamon, baking, falling leaves. We're both hoping it will come back, and I'm noticing some smells and tastes now so maybe that's a good sign. I'm trying to stay positive so I'm making a list of why not having a sense of smell is awesome.

1. Dirty Diapers, really, need I say more?
2. Dutch Oven, no not the kind you cook with.
3. Sorting through the trash to see if a small child of mine disposed of our remote wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be!
4. When a certain friend of our's brother leaves the bathroom, I can't smell what has been likened to a dead dog that shit itself. Yay.
5. Body Odor is no longer an issue. This is handy when going to Wal-Mart. However, this might not be such good news for my friends as I can no longer smell my own.

Those are the good things. Here is what I really miss:

1. Tasting my grilled cheese sandwich (hello blandness).
2. Being able to smell what I'm cooking, or taste test it.
3. Being able to tell when I'm burning food (did this with chicken this weekend!)
4. Heck being able to taste, period.
5. Ethan's baby smell is gone. I can't tell if that's because I can't smell or he just isn't a baby anymore :(


Megan Paige said...

I lost my sense of smell for a while after I was sick once. It came back, though. I kind of enjoyed not being able to taste food in a way. I mean, it definitely sucked when I'd be wanting something and I'd get it but couldn't taste it, but then I'd just eat for nourishment and not because it tasted good. Goodbye, snacking...

~Rachael~ said...

What would happen if you stuck a finger full of tiger balm/vapo rub up your nose? I've done that accidentally before and it is a smell that will not leave you for days, regardless of how much snot you have up your shnozz. Loved this blog, by the way! Super funny!


Nila said...

@Rachael Yes I can smell that. I can smell some stuff but it is just so muted it's ridiculous. Oh did I mention that a tub of shortening went rancid and neither Kristen nor I could smell it, but the guys were gagging? It's ridiculous!

Superadsuz said...

Reason # 6 as to why ur lucky u lost your smell... enchiladas.... let me rephrase, jalapeno salsa on the enchilada, it was so good I cried from the second i put it on my plate till, well your read that text

Vanessa said...


Sorry about that, but I hope your sense of smell comes back soon. It's not fun being sick and trying keep it together with your family.

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Have a great week.