How to save a burnt chicken dinner...

My loss of smell also seems to mean that I have lost all cooking ability. The other day I made roast chicken (which is normally awesome and delicious). I calculated the cooking time to 2 hours for a 6 lb chicken, and it really really really overcooked. It was burning and I couldn't smell it.

The skin was delicious at least! So the inside was really dry, and I had no other option but to make chicken gravy biscuit sandwiches. If you have any drippings I'd recommend using those to make your gravy, but since I burnt my bird to a crisp there was none to be had. I had to use packet gravy.

Mmmm partially hydrogenated oils, preservatives and chicken flavoring!

The chicken is really easy to shred when it's overcooked. Just stir with a fork. I'm not kidding.

Just add gravy to shredded chicken and pile onto biscuits! The gravy covers up the dry chicken and make it a lot more palatable.

I made homemade biscuits to go with this because they are so easy! I used butter instead of shortening, because my shortening had gone rancid. It looked pink but I couldn't smell it, so I asked A to. He about gagged. So glad I couldn't smell.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I know how to make burnt chicken! jk, I love all your homemade foods, I bet those biscuits were delish!

-- Jillian