Off the grid is sounding nice about now...

If you know my husband he will assault you with constant talk of living "off the grid". While normally the thought actually scares me, right now it's sounding really nice. Austine and I owe a lot of money, and despite the fact that he finally has a steady, awesome job, we are still living paycheck to paycheck. There really is no way to remedy this besides buckling down and cutting back, and we have cut back a lot. Currently our cell phones have been disconnected, this is the first time in 6 years of having a cell phone that this has happened. It's embarrassing to say the least, but it just comes to show that we need to do some creative money planning in order to get past this.

As a result, I am now looking for another nanny position, one that will allow Ethan to accompany me. I know that this will be hard to find, but I'm praying that it is out there for me, with the perfect boss and perfect child to watch. Ideally, it would only require me to be there in the morning hours so that I can come home and cook dinner for my family. Ideally, the baby I would be watching would be the same age or around the same age as Ethan, so that they would be able to get along and relate with each other. Ideally, I woudln't even have to leave my home.

So there are my qualifications for a position, it does look like I am being picky. I am going to add these qualifications into my rosary everyday, and hopefully I will see something happen. We really need to extra money right now to pull us out of this hole, so I'm hoping it'll be soon. I"m also considering starting to coupon, but I can't find any "experts" in my area. I would love to learn how to save even more money (beyond having a whole chicken every week haha). Does anyone have any experience couponing? How do I start?


~Rachael~ said...

Allen has been fantasizing about living off the grid for years, but not just in terms of us going without cell phones; he means in that crazy hermit in the woods kind of way. My argument is always that, if not for social networking, I wouldn't have any friends. Also, I have trouble killing spiders, so the idea of depending on me to hunt for food is laughable.

I've been wanting to get into couponing, too. Thus far, all I've done is sign up for the newsletter to http://moneysavingqueen.com/ . The site seems pretty resourceful in terms of printable coupons and couponing advice. I'm betting if I weren't so lazy and unmotivated, I could actually be pretty good at it.

Superadsuz said...

There are two awesome sites for So Cal that I have found. 1 is
http://www.southerncalisaver.com and the second is
http://rplcoupons.blogspot.com/. The first has match ups for all of the So Cal Stores So we see Vons and Ralphs not Safeway and Kroger. The second has a lot of ideas, and really useful posts. The big part is they live in SoCal one even in LA, and they both have kids so there are even more helpful hints on child money saving.