So I finally got around to going to the optometrist after four long years of insurance-abstinence (not voluntary abstinence mind you). I had a great appointment, walked out with some new contacts (YES), and a prescription in my hand. Insurance really flipping rocks! The only way I survived these past four years is due to Zenni Optical. This is the part where you should just thank me now. That's right, go ahead. Scroll down, alll the way down. Click the comment button, now write "Thank You Meat and Potatoes Mama". Ok, now scroll back up.

You can get dirt cheap, cute, amazing, brilliant, glasses for 10 dollars at Zenni Optical. The last pair I had lasted me four years. Four amazing years until I had a beautiful little boy who thought chewing on glasses was his idea of a "good time". Zenni really has an amazing website that allows you to virtually try on, compare, and order your prescription glasses. You can get polycarbonite, you can get anti-glare coating. Transistions, they have them! Want sunglasses you can actually see out of (yes please)? You can get tinting in a variety of colors. They have over 3000 different kinds of glasses, sunglasses, and even ski goggles, so you can imagine picking the ones you want is pretty hard. This is where you come in! Please, in the comment section (yes even you lurkers), tell me which pair looks the best on my face. I will love you forever. Ok, maybe I already do, but it is a shallow love that will only grow deeper if you comment.

 Numbers 5 and 6 I am looking at getting tinted to be awesome sunglasses! Please help me decide!