I wish it were Fall (in California)...

I've been dreaming about it. Beautiful trees covered in orange, crimson and gold. A brisk wind moving over my face. Pumpkins on porches and leaves on streets. Alas, I was born in the wrong place. In California, Fall is just an extension of summer. In fact, while we may not hit the 100s all summer long, it's much more likely to do so in September and October! Sure we get the added benefit of no snow in the winter months (but yes, it does get cold and it does get overcast!), but I am at the point where I would gladly trade snow for fall.

So, I'm going to be decorating for "fall" soon, just to convince my cave dwelling self that it is going to happen at some point at time. Pinterest has been a huge huge tease for me. I freaking love Pinterest, it combines my love of lists and my love of pictures...it's the perfect planning website. Here are a few of the best fall decorations I found.

1. Cute Pumpkins
I really love these cute pumpkins I found on Pinterest. I really do try to stay away from a Halloween theme (mostly for religious reasons), and I like that these are simple and pretty without being a "Jack O' Lantern".
Darling Pumpkins!
2. Beautiful DIY Vines from Martha Stewart
These vines are so dainty and pretty it's hard to believe you can make them yourself!

I can think of a dozen uses for these.

3. Candles, candles, and more candles
I absolutely LOVE candles. I think they spruce even the barest space up. Candles are warm and inviting, calling to mind the most basic needs of men: fire. There are plenty of fall scented candles out there, I really love Slatkin and Co. and Yankee Candle Co.  While they are a bit pricier, they make up for that in scent. They will really last quite a while too. 

4. Beautiful Paper Wreath
Another craft from Martha Stewart (the woman is the craft goddess for a reason!). I just love the detail on this wreath, and something about the paper is so charming. If I were to do it (and I may, if I do I will show and tell!), I would definitely use an older book that shows it's age, it would look marvelous!

This will look awesome using an old book as paper!

5. More Pumpkins...wrapped up!
Beauty is in little things, and in this case it's these super cute, mini pumpkins. I think I may go haywire choosing ribbons to make these!

Too cute to eat!

Eventually, A and I may move to Idaho. A grew up there and it has been sounding nicer and nicer as the years go by. While dealing with the snow is certainly a little nerve-wracking for this native Californian, I feel that perhaps it may be the right choice for us in a few years. That's then and this is now. I may have to make a little trip up to Big Bear just to feel the seasons change!


~Rachael~ said...

Idaho? But... But... That's in Idaho. You'll be so far away! :-(

Allen & I have discussed the idea of moving out of state at some point. No idea where we would move to, if we did go though. It's just that California is do darn expensive! We are really getting robbed in this state.

Nila said...

Yes, that's one of the main reasons we are considering it. Mind you this is 4 or 5 years down the road for us. A needs more experience at work in order to score something similar over there. The school at the church there is supposed to be really good too.

If we make what he is making now ther, we would be well off. That's for certain :(