1st World Problems

Well it seems this term is really trending on twitter! I was first introduced to it when complaining on my facebook; yes I am one of those people! I even admit it, if I were my friend on Facebook I'd probably hide myself! Well, apparently being mad that the app you bought to write blogs doesn't work is a first world problem, who knew? I mean, blogging is a bit more important than clean water, or food on the table right?

In all seriousness, my son's first world problem stems from our vaccuum. He absolutely hates it. I keep telling him he'd better be grateful for that vacuum, we could be sweeping a dirt floor instead! He chooses not to listen and screams bloody murder in lieu of being grateful for our socioeconomic status. Nevermind the millions of babies out there who would be glad to have a vacuum. He simply won't listen.

I've considered moving to Ethiopia but I'm pretty sure he'd be scared of lions, dirty water, lack of hygiene, you know - the unimportant stuff.

Babies, can't teach them reasoning.

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