Mom App: Cozi Family Planner

So I haven't written about any good mom apps recently. Cozi is a great apps that helps me organize and sort my life; something any list addict (like myself) would love.

In order to use Cozi you must make a login name. What's great about this is it's not user specific, meaning your husband/significant other can log in with the same name and see the deets for the day. This brings new definition to the "honey do" list:

The shopping lists are great for groceries as you can sort them by section, or method or any other way you prefer to make a "real life" list.

This has been making my life super easy, I really just have to update my grocery list when I remember things we need to buy. You can also log into Cozi from your computer, which makes list making even more easy.

The family calendar is pretty amazing I have to say. It color codes the calendar by person, so you know who needs to be where, and when.

It's really handy for planning ahead. The best part is that Cozi is completely free! There are some ads included in the free version, but they aren't really intrusive. Check it out in the app store!

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~Rachael~ said...

You rock! I've been wanting to find something like this since I got my iPhone, but the apps I've tried all fall short of what I want out of them. Being able to share and jointly update the grocery list alone should save both of us a ton of aggravation. Thanks for the tip!

Nila said...

That's awesome, I'm glad you can use it! :D