What do dinosaurs, geodes, and butterflies have in common?

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles! Austine and I ended up going today with his family and some cousins. Parking was ten dollars, and admission for adults was 12 per person, with extra for the butterfly pavillion. Despite the cost (expensive for a couple trying to get out of debt) we really enjoyed it. I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. Ethan seemed to really get a kick out of the displays, he would coo and sing at them!

The dinosaur exhibit was very neat. It really is amazing that these creatures existed in our world so long ago. The size really overwhelms you when you are standing next to a giant dinosaur skeleton.

I just love the way the whole museum looks, its totally classic. We're talking stained glass, worked iron, bronze statues, chandeliers.

There is a ton to see and I didn't feel like I got to take everything in, it is just so much to absorb! We did tour the entire museum before we went outside to the butterfly pavillion. It was really neat, but since Ethan was asleep in the stroller he didn't get to see it (which may have been for the best, I can see in my minds eye the havoc he could have wreaked).

It was absolutely beautiful! It felt as if there were little flying flowers fluttering about the tent. I didn't have a great camera, just my iPhone cam, but I did catch a few good shots as you guys can probably see. I may go back, as I found out the first Friday of every month is free (and probably jam packed). I encourage everyone who hasn't been and is in the area to check it out!

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