You must be wondering why there is a picture of an iron on your screen. It's an easy answer really. This instrument of torture, death and demise is haunting me.

You see, I really freaking hate ironing. I know, I know, buy a steamer, take it to the dry cleaner (that's really effing tempting), yes these are all viable options for your everyday run of the mill housewife. I however insist on ironing my husbands 1.75644566 million shirts every week to -get this- save money.

I always tell myself, oh it's not that bad, it's cheaper than buying a steamer or dry-cleaning it. Then I find myself writing a blog to avoid it. The pile of to-be ironed clothes stalks my every move through my house, want some lunch? Oh there's the god-forsaken pile on the table. Want to go to bed? Of course it's on your spot! The only way I can get out of it is to ignore it for a week and let my husband do it.

Let's just say the results aren't exactly appealing. I guess I have some ironing to do.
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~Rachael~ said...

"You must be wondering why there is a picture of an iron on your screen." Oh, that's what that thing is for! I thought it was just to collect the dust that hangs out in the corner of my cupboard. Ha ha! Could be worse... My grandmother used to iron her SHEETS. She did it for decades until my mom told her to just stuff them in the corresponding pillow cases and stick them in the linen closet wrinkles and all.

Nila said...

I don't know anyone who irons sheets! Don't they just unwrinkle when you put them on the bed? Even if they didn't I'd just be like, eff it. Now, folding fitted sheets is a whole 'nother animal.

~Rachael~ said...

I have a "tuck and roll" method that works pretty well for me. Folding never even enters the equation when it comes to me and fitted sheets.