Pickles vs. Puppies

Mr. Pickle Pot Pie will be turning one in a little over a month! I can't believe it at all, how could that tiny little baby turn into this walking, talking, terrorizing, little boy!  He just started walking this past Sunday, I didn't know whether to laugh, smile, or cry. He's almost a pro now, and has been walking the entire length of our living room with much gusto.

We are in the process of planning his 1st birthday party. While we originally didn't want to have one for him (do you remember your 1st birthday party), we figured you only get to be one once, so what the heck.  I went ahead and made a list last weekend, and boy I got put in my place. In the end, we had 80 people on it! How did that happen? Then I remember that Austine's close family is about 25 all by itself, not including the Great Grandmas, and Great Great Grandmas! You really have to love the Catholic family dynamic here haha.

So now, instead of having a party at our house, or Austine's parent's, we are going to be having it at a local park just so there will be more than standing room. This leads us to the title of this post: Pickles vs. Puppies. We originally wanted to have a "pickle" theme for his birthday, as that is his main nickname and we think it would be cute. However, there is so much more puppy themed stuff for a 1st birthday out there. It might make my life a little easier to do this, but Austine is determined that he wants to make everything for the party. Invitations, banner, everything. This is the man who at times, cannot make it through and entire movie after dinner without falling asleep. I somehow doubt he is going to have the energy to make all this stuff...

Here are some cute puppy party pictures, maybe this will sway him:
 Beautiful cake pops from Bakerella!

This cake is so cute, props go to Life on the Terrace, I don't know if we'd ever do a cake to this degree but it's is so adorable!
Invites from A Bushel and a Peck of FUN. I think Austine can do this really easily. It's a pretty cute idea.
If you want to see more, check out my Pinterest board for Ethan's first birthday!

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