Mail Slot

I shone it up! Sorry for being behind on posts, I have managed to get two colds back to back. It sucks. Here are the before and after pictures!

Looks easier than it was! Noxon workled really great though, I would use it again on any other project! I almost ruined my counter though, as I didn't realize the product was ammonia based, and I had already started to polish the mail slot on them. The smell quickly let me (and my husband) know that I needed to move the project outside, Noxon has quite the odor, but enough umphh to remove about 40 years of tarnish.

Word to the wise: If it ain't broke don't fix it! I wish I could have been there 40 years ago when my grandparents decided to paint over it. Anything can look beautiful again after putting a little elbow grease into it!

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