Charmed Life from Bath and Body Works

My life is far from being charmed, but with this new lotion from Bath & Body Works I may be a step closer.

I actually received the above pictured lotion as a free gift, for purchasing my husband's shower gel (Citron by the way, smells amazing!). I love all their products, mostly due to the fact that they last so dang long! I'm pretty sure I have had my last bottle of shower gel for four or five months. Not to mention they smell amazing.

Anyhow, I really really love this fragrance. The bottle says it is a blend of pear, guava, and vanilla. I also detect a hint of musk, my favorite. It has a really clean and light fragrance, but manages to stick around for hours after you've applied it. I'm pretty sure it was fate that I got this sample, as I'm going to run out of gel soon. Charmed Life is next on my to buy list at BBB!

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