Home Sweet Home

So, we are finally in the beginning stages of painting the outside of our house! For those of you who haven't been with me since the beginning, our house has been quite the trial. First off, I love it. It's my paternal grandparent's house, so not only did my Father grow up here, but I practically did until I was about 12. So I have many many fond memories of this place.

However, my uncle did not leave it in the greatest of shape after his death. The walls were coated in tar and tobacco, along with 50 year old wallpaper. The kitchen and bathroom were a complete and utter disaster. My parents (how I love them) remodeled much of the house, while Austine and I painted to our hearts content. When we were first married we didn't even get to move in right away as it wasn't done! Life in a RV will make you appreciate a house SO MUCH MORE.

So we moved in with the intention to pay rent, paint the outside, and fix up the backyard. God had other plans. Austine had trouble finding work, and my parents were gracious enough to let rent go while Austine looked for work (all while my Mother thought she might be laid off from her teaching position). Needless to say for a while painting and fixing the yard were not priorities anymore.

Now is the time! We are finally prepping for paint and I am so excited! It's going to look great, and I will no longer have to deal with the dirty looks from the neighbors (hey, your house ain't that much to look at either, buddy). Here are a few pre-paint photos for you to enjoy!

The front of our house. Notice the neglected lawn, sod is next!


We had a really hard time choosing paint colors. We ended up going with the bottom right (Behr Clay Pebble) as base and the top left (Behr Carriage House) as trim. I'm still worried the base may be a bit too khaki looking though. Any thoughts?
Tools of the trade!

Little things like this porch post are what make me love our house. They just don't make em like they used to! Our house was built in 1939!
             A better closeup of the base vs. trim color.
Future herb garden and (sadly neglected) lemon tree.

We are painting (hopefully) this Saturday, so hopefully I will be able to update next week with new pictures!                                        

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~Rachael~ said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see the finished results. :-)